Working Overseas:

We do not put limitations on where we can work - but we will need time to get the appropriate permissions to work overseas. There will possibly be extra costs, including flights, accommodation and shipping.

Travel Days:

Each day of travel will be charged at £150 for each crew member. If we work a full day with a considerable amount of travel either end of the day then we may charge travel days on top.

Day Rate:

A working day is 8 hours. One hour at the beginning and end of the day is allowed for travel and is included in the day rate.


Overtime will be charged at £40 per hour per crew member. Overtime does not apply to any kit.


Mileage will be charged at 50p per mile. Any other travel costs will be charged at cost.


Day rate without camera: from £1250

Red Epic: Please contact us


Day rate with GoPro: from£750


Day rate with GoPro: from £750


Day rate with Sony NEX-7: from£750


Day rate with Sony NX30: from£1000

Canon 5d Mk3: £100 extra per day


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