Our team is made up of cameramen, photographers, engineers and mechanics. We love gadgets, gizmo’s and any new technology that comes along and of course, unmanned aircraft are evolving all the time making it a really exciting industry to be in right now!

Meet the Team

DAN: Director and Chief - Pilot & Camera Operator

Dan is one of our pilots and camera operators, he is a professional freelance cameraman and video editor, and he continues to do that alongside running SkyVue. Dan has travelled the world doing camera-work: from Australia to Qatar, Brazil, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Israel and Spain.

Being an experienced cameraman Dan offers an awesome talent to our crew as a pilot and through ground based filming. His experience includes Corporate, News, Interviews, Green-screen and Events. Some cameras he has worked with are C300, C500, 5Dmk3 EX3.

MIKE: Technical Director - Pilot & Engineer

Mike has been with SkyVue since its conception with SkyMoth, our first born, being the first UAV he built. Mike is licensed to pilot our UAV’s and manages our technical and servicing department. His background is in IT engineering and mechanics so when it comes to building our craft - he's the man for the job!

KANE: Technical Director - Pilot & Engineer

Kane has been around since SkyVue began and aided Mike in getting SkyMoth up and flying. He has the BNUC-S qualification which gives him permission to fly from the CAA and can operate all our craft. His background is in IT engineering and mechanics. Kane, Mike and a few others battled it out on Robot Wars for 7 seven years with their Robot: Behemoth. Kane still battles his robots on the Robot Wars Live show.


MARTIN: Pilot & Cameraman

Martin joined SkyVue about a year after it started bringing Knat and Hercules to join our fleet: little and large! Martin is one of our pilots and also holds a BNUC-S qualification and is licensed to fly by the CAA. Martin's background is in Photography, Filming and Producing so he can also do ground based filming if required.


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