How We Operate


A congested area is somewhere there are lots of people, buildings or vehicles. Smaller craft can fly more easily in these areas but have to maintain a distance of 50m from anyone or anything not under their control.

Larger craft have to be 150m from anyone or anything not under their control. Special permission can be sought to reduce this distance but that cannot be guaranteed so please bear this in mind when choosing which craft/camera you want to use.



As standard we fly with SD video downlinks but we can provide HD downlinks for high quality viewing or live streaming.



Flight times do vary according to weather conditions and craft but we have plenty of batteries to keep us going. If we were going to do more than 10 flights then we would recommend charging batteries onsite. We have the the option of charging the batteries from mains power or we can bring a generator. This would make sure that we keep in the air for as long as you need us to.


Four of our craft always fly with a dual battery setup which means if one battery does fail then we can still bring the craft in safely. All craft, in the loss of control signal will return to where they took off from. On the controller itself there is red switch which in the case of any other emergency will bring the craft back to where it took off from



We will always try to have a second craft with us to act as a backup or as an alternative option in case the first craft isn't best suited for the location or conditions.


We will always check the location to make sure the airspace is clear and that we get the right permissions if not. Sometimes we might not be able to get permissions and therefore legally will not be able to fly. Things we look for include airports, heliports, aerodromes, glider sites, microlite sites, parachute drop zones, restricted airspace, tall buildings, radio masts, and power plants.


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